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NEW YORK (CNN) -- A group of scholars and filmmakers Monday unveiled two coffins that they say may have contained the remains of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and said other evidence shows that Jesus may have had a son.

A new, controversial documentary by Oscar-winning filmmaker James Cameron deals with a tomb first discovered in 1980 in south Jerusalem, holding ossuaries -- a type of coffin -- labeled Jesus, son of Joseph; Mary; Matthew; Joseph; Mariamene; and Judas, son of Jesus.

The two final names are the ones that have inspired the makers of the documentary "The Lost Tomb of Jesus" to make their boldest claims. Mariamene is, according to some Christian texts, a name used specifically for Mary Magdalene. And Judas, the documentary asserts, is the name of the son of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Cameron and his team claim that DNA evidence recovered from human remains in the coffins, as well as statistical evidence, support the documentary's claims.

Amos Kloner, a professor at Jerusalem University and one of the first scholars to inspect the tomb after it was discovered, said the names on the coffins are not enough to support the assumption that this was the family of the Jesus of the New Testament. "The names are the most common names among Jews in this centuries we are talking about," he said.

"The Lost Tomb of Jesus" will air on the Discovery Channel on March 4.--From CNN's Amy Sahba (Posted 6:11 p.m.)

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