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Financial Services

Kohen, et  al. v. Pacific Investment Management Company, et al., No. 05 C 4681 (N.D. Ill.).  This class action sought recovery for the alleged violation of the Commodity Exchange Act when the Defendants improperly manipulated the Ten-Year Treasury bonds.  The Court granted final approval of a $53 million settlement.   Mr. Miller, at the request of Lead Counsel, served as liaison counsel for the Plaintiffs.     

In re Bank One Shareholders Class Actions, No. 00 C 880 (N.D. Ill.).  In this securities fraud class action against Bank One and certain officers, Judge Milton I. Shadur appointed Mr. Miller to draft the Consolidated Class Action Complaint.  At the request of court-appointed lead counsel, Mr. Miller served as Plaintiffs’ liaison counsel.  Judge Shadur subsequently approved a  $45 million settlement. 

In re Nuveen Fund Litig., No. 94 C 360 (N.D. Ill.).  Class action and derivative suit under the Investment Company Act arising out of coercive tender offerings in two closed-end mutual funds.