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Reed v. Advocate Health Care, et al., 06 C 3337 (N.D. Ill).  This class action involves the alleged  conspiracy among five Chicago area hospitals to suppress and price-fix the salaries and benefits  for Registered Nurses salaries.  Mr. Miller has been appointed by the court to serve as Plaintiffs’ liaison counsel.

Baxter International, et al., v. McGaw, Inc. (N.D. Ill.).  Mr. Miller, together with co-counsel, successfully represented the Defendant in this patent infringement case and served as a member of the trial team which won a jury verdict of non-infringement of three needleless injection sites and also obtained a finding that the Plaintiff had engaged in inequitable conduct on two of the patents.  The Court also found that plaintiff engaged in inequitable conduct.  The decision was affirmed by the Court of Appeals Federal Circuit.  (96-1329,-1342, 97-1331,-1350 decided June 30, 1998).

In re Caremark International Inc. Sec. Litig., No. 94 C 4751 (N.D. Ill.).  This action arose out of Caremark’s allegedly improper financial arrangements with physicians.  A $25 million settlement concluded the litigation.