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Commodities Manipulation

The attorneys at Miller Law have decades of experience litigating Commodity Exchange Act (CEA) manipulation claims.  Private citizens, such as traders or investors, can bring claims under the CEA for manipulation. To bring a private manipulation claim, a plaintiff must show that the defendant engaged in manipulative conduct that caused the plaintiff to suffer financial harm.  If successful, a plaintiff (or plaintiff class) may be entitled to damages, including the amount of money lost as a result of the manipulation.

Current Commodities Cases

Miller Law and co-counsel filed this putative class action on behalf of Mish International Monetary, Inc. (Mish) against Vega Capital, a trading firm, and its principals. The lawsuit alleges that Vega Capital engaged in a manipulative scheme to artificially lower the price of natural gas futures contracts, causing financial harm to Mish and the putative class. Specifically, the complaint alleges that Vega Capital placed large sell orders for natural gas futures contracts without any intention of executing the trades, thereby creating a false impression of market supply and driving down prices.